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Showcase Your Pallets: Expert Photography Services Near Kansas City


Pallets Photography

Why Choose Pallets Plus?

Our prefabricated pallets have a brand new look and feel to them, making them PERFECT for photography sessions! This may include graduations, weddings, and special moments to remember with your family and friends! “Pallet photography” as we’ve coined it, is a trendy way to showcase a different, unique style of your own that really sticks out!

 This exclusive service takes a lot of planning, time, and money to render. We charge $2 per mile plus a minimum of $500 for this service, which includes delivery and pickup of six 48X40 pallets. This also includes pallet stands so you can stand and stack the pallets vertically, (maximum 2 pallets high) We bring the pallets to your photo session and pick them up when you finish. The pallets will have an EXCELLENT condition, but we cannot guarantee their color. 



Schedule A Delivery

We schedule the delivery of these pallets to your home or venue. The pallets will come wrapped in a moving blanket to protect them from any adverse weather conditions.

Bring it Back After Session

Since we understand that most people will not need these pallets after the photo session is over, we will need to come back, load the pallets back up and haul them away.


You May Keep It Pallets

If you want to KEEP the pallets for future photos or even shipping purposes, we only charge an extra $5 per pallet. So, to KEEP the pallets we deliver to you will cost $520 plus fuel costs.

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