Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have some questions about our services, so we’ve taken the time to list some of our FAQ (frequently asked questions).

What Do You Transport?

Pallets aside, Pallets Plus of Flint transports medium to large items such as furniture, for customers moving within town, or anyone needing the help of a driver and flatbed truck.

Which Areas Do You Cover?

Our center of service is Downtown Flint, and we cover 20 miles out in each direction from there. Pallets Plus of Flint covers the surrounding areas of Birch Run, Lapeer, Fenton, and Venice Township. All pickups 25 miles or more outside of the center of Downtown Flint will require a deposit.

Do You Run Interstate (OTR)?

Pallets Plus of Flint is available for over the work loads, but we define this type of work as LTL, or “Less-than-truckload”. We are currently equipped with a 6ft. Ford F-250 flatbed truck, and additional 20ft. deckover trailer. We can carry up to about 10,000 lbs for you, and we start at $1.73 a mile. 

Can You Deliver Pallets To My Home?

Yes, we deliver pallets to residences in sets of 25.

How Many Pallets Can You Deliver At One Time?

We are able to deliver around 40 pallets to 520 pallets to businesses and residences per load.

Do You Buy Pallets?

We buy pallets!! This will all depend on quality, quantity and consistency. We can offer top dollar for truckloads of pallets at a time. But if you do not have that many pallets, we might be able to remove them for free. We’ll try, just for you!

We’re always looking for 48X40’s, 48X45’s and 45X45’s! 

They must be in good enough shape, and you must receive enough of them on a regular basis. We’re an industry leader that can pay the most for used pallets!!

How Much Do Your Pallets Cost?

We’re offering 48X40’s, 48X45’s and 45X45’s for $6.50 per pallet!

We also have other sizes available on our inventory page!!

Can You Come Collect My Pallets Now If I Call?

No. We have an on-going route in place for our clients to keep business efficient for everyone. We do not currently offer one-time pallet pick-up for businesses nor residences. Once you call, logistics will place you onto the route, if applicable.

NOTE: The less pallets you have to collect, the harder it will be to place you on a route. Ideally, we look for at least 20 pallets to be present once every two weeks.

Can You Haul Away The Junk Wood After The Pallet Pick Up?

Yes. We will haul away the broken pallets and wood pieces. We do this to keep your business looking clean, and it keeps our workspace organized. Once we have established a working relationship, this service is free of charge. (Unless it is fiscally irresponsible)

Do You Offer The Truck For Rent w/ A Driver?

We do offer this service. This is for you if all you need is the truck and another set of hands to help with your task. Check our other FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.)

Do You Offer Junk Removal?

We do offer junk removal services for residences, warehouses and other businesses. We mostly remove household junk, clutter and broken pallets.

Can You Deliver Pallets The Same Day I Order Them?

Most likely. There is a chance we may not be able to fulfill higher quantities on the same day.

Do You Only Move Pallets And Furniture?

No. We transport 55 gallon steel drums, dunnage, wooden crates, and wooden wire reels, as well as pallets.

Do You Deliver Building Materials?

Yes, we can deliver building materials, as well. 

Where Exactly Are You Based Out Of?

We are a mobile company serving the community of Flint Michigan. Our center of service is Downtown Flint.

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